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We are an award winning Birmingham based card payments and card processing broker with links to all the top card payments companies. Save money and time by finding the right card payments company for your business.

Online payments

If you want to sell online then you need to take payments online. We can advise you on how to do this properly and who to use.

Legal requirements

There are many requirements and legal obligations when you take card payments. We can guide you through the minefield.

Find the right provider

Not only can we help you save money by finding a card payments provider through us, we can also help you if you’ve been refused before.

Why accept card payments?

Increasingly more and more customers now expect to pay for their purchases using a card when they are shopping; or to pay for goods and services, whether it be online or in store.

Think about your own experience and apply it to your business. When you go to the shops do you pay by cash, use a cheque or get out a card?

To help decide whether to take cards or not, here are some reasons why accepting cards could improve business:

  • Customers increasingly expect to be able to pay by card.
  • Potential cost savings from holding less cash – saving on the security required to look after this money and trips to the bank to pay-in takings. Banks typically charge 0.50p – 0.89p per £100 cash deposited, whereas card charges for £100 transaction can be as low as 0.35p
  • Improved cash flow with less support on financing such as using an overdraft or loan.
  • Easier to make a sale, if customers do not have enough cash on them at the time, they could use a card instead.

Finding the right card provider for you

We understand it’s very complicated finding the right card payments provider but we’ve designed a process to make it easy for you to pick one. We also believe in working closely with our clients to guide and consult them on the right approach to taking card payments whether they are online or through mobile.

Technology is changing rapidly but we’re still committed to face to face business relations and that’s what makes us stand out.

If you need any help and support with taking card payments get in touch with us and we’ll be on hand to help you explore the options available to you. With years of industry experience we can make sure you save time and money.

We believe in supporting and growing local businesses and SMEs through sustained guidance and co-operation.

We’re also keen charity givers (Khalsa Aid being our charity of choice) and if you have any preferences let us know.


Customers who saved with us

Help with terminology

If you’re not a technical person don’t worry. We can help explain the confusing terminology associated with card payments and help you learn the difference between a merchant provider and card processing.

Make sure your compliant

Don’t get caught out. We can help make sure you tick all the right boxes and take card payments in the right way to protect not only yourself but your customers too. If you need help getting PCI DSS compliant we can help with that too.

Website and Ecommerce consultation

If you’re setting up an online shop then online payments will be of vital importance to your business. We can help you get set up as well as provide a consultancy service to maximise sales.

What we can help with

  • Ecommerce
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Mobile Commerce / mPos
  • Chip + Pin
  • Merchant Accounts
  • High Risk Merchant Accounts
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Accepting Bitcoin

How to start accepting cards


Step 1: Contact Us

Just contact us and speak to one of our experienced staff who will look at your requirements and business needs.

Step 2: Set up a Merchant Account

There are different types of merchant accounts available depending on how you wish to process transactions i.e website (ecommerce), MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order), CP (Customer Present (face to face). We set this account up for you free of charge.

Step 3: Technical Support

Depending on how you wish to process transactions (ecommerce, MOTO or face to face) , we will then provide you the necessary software or hardware to enable you to do this.