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About We Tranxact

Bringing a fresh approach to the world of card processing

Here at We Tranxact Ltd, we believe in Honesty, Authenticity and Integrity. Our Founder Rav Bains quoted “honesty, authenticity and integrity are the reasons why I have been successful in life as well as in business so far”. We have always believed in doing the right thing because its the right thing to do. We never make promises unless we can for certain deliver on those promises and we never try to be someone or something else, but be ourselves at all times. How many businesses are truly authentic in the way that they interact with customers? And how many businesses think they are being authentic, but really aren’t?

My father came into the UK back in the mid 1960’s when he was a mere 15 years of age and worked countless hours in one of the many foundries in the West Midlands. He then saved enough money to buy himself a chip shop located just outside of Birmingham City Centre. This was run as a true family business, my dad, my mum and myself. I was 9 years old when I first started working in the shop, mostly in the back and not serving customers but as I built confidence in myself, I worked myself towards the front of the shop, but I was still very young. Me and my family truly grafted, working 15-16 hours daily, when I wasn’t at school. Whilst my friends would be playing football or cricket, I would be in the shop preparing potatoes for chips, cleaning up, stocking shelves and serving customers.

The point I am trying to make here is that, I watched my mum and dad work extremely hard and as I helped, it has made me who I am today, who is someone that is truly humble when it comes to money and helping others. Its about putting in the hours and going the extra mile to deliver the best service possible to our customers and this should be basis of any business – good customer service and getting the job done.

With a wealth of experience in the card processing industry our managing partners realised there was a need to take a ‘whole of market’ solution to their customers rather than just one acquiring bank but remaining totally independent.

We knew that not one solution fitted the needs of all customers depending on industry type, transaction type, mix and type of cards their customers used, average transaction values, card turnover, multi currencies and their requirements for ecommerce, face to face and over the telephone transactions.

We have recognised that many improvements should and can be made in card processing in the UK. Our experience and commercial arrangement with our partners guarantee our clients the best possible card processing packages in terms of cost, service, technology and compliance. We Tranxact Ltd are looking to do things different. Our aim is to educate business owners and shake up the industry with the products and services we offer.

We Tranxact Ltd have undertaken a market research campaign to understand the needs and wants of businesses of all sizes whom process card transactions or want to process card transactions.

After extensive feedback we have realised there is wide spread mis- selling, businesses owners not being told correctly on contract lengths, hidden fees, confusing quotes and much more. We take pride in being transparent as possible on all our rates and contracts. We take that little extra bit of time to educate the business owner and go that extra mile for them.

We have also taken further measure to deliver more cost savings and to provide bespoke packages that are suited to certain markets such as car dealerships and other high value transaction businesses.

The card payments industry has seen massive growth and competition recently as we slowly move towards a cashless society and I believe digital/cryptocurrency will have a massive impact on the way we do transactions in the very near future. We still have company’s battering businesses to sell them merchant services and card machines on long term lease deals (typically 3-5 years). Did you know that card machine providers make anything up to £1500 on each card machine terminal sold on a lease agreement. The most expensive and latest machine on the market costs no more than £700 tops to buy outright! Doesn’t seem right!

Here at We Tranxact Ltd, we have a no contract option. We certainly don’t make anything up to £1500 per machine. We can provide you with pre purchased card machines that we simply hire out to you for any length of time. Once you’re done with it and no longer need our services then simply return the machine.


So we are delighted that we bring to each customer the ability to look objectively at their needs and place their card processing in the best case scenario for them not what is best for us!

Our Aim


Help our customers get the right solution and look after them throughout the whole process of either switching providers or taking card payments for the first time.



Be honest and transparent with our customers


We offer a free and honest analysis of the current costs and look forward to helping our customers do what they are in business for – to make money.


Supporting Birmingham businesses

There is two things that I know about small businesses, they all want to save money and the other being that they want to support other local businesses. Although we work with companies across the UK we specialise in payment processing for Birmingham based businesses. We believe a quick face to face meeting is much more valuable then endless emails or long telephone conversations.

We also believe that by giving you a dedicated account manager we can provide a high level of customer service which other companies simply can’t match.