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Adult Business Merchant Accounts

The adult industry is a very lucrative industry, which is a growing sector, especially in the UK. Most merchant account providers will not entertain this business type mainly due to the increased risk of chargebacks and reputational damage.

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Merchant Account for Adult Industry
From We Tranxact

Online adult businesses are facing increased industry challenges and continuous pressures as regards choosing a credit card payment provider. The number of adult card processing solutions in the market is shrinking, with most of the accredited providers decreasing; this has forced many adult merchants out of desperation to accept sub-standard processing solutions for their legitimate online businesses.

With the market becoming narrow, the industry is witnessing major service providers increasing their fees exponentially. For many adult merchants, these astronomical fees coupled with insufficient billing models makes running a profitable adult business very challenging.

Finding the best fit to serve as a solution that could drive the entire process is difficult, but we will ensure the long-term success of your adult business, whether in the sales of physical goods or simply subscription services to digital content.

We have acquired some years of experiences doing this and that has put us in a good state and enabled us to give out specialized knowledge in providing ‘package’ services to the online adult industry. With competitive rates, subscription-billing services, state of the art technology for fraud-protection, coupled with no volume restrictions and an inbuilt affiliate payment and tracking system, you are sure going to love our service delivery. We recognize that there is no single account-type that suits all merchants, so instead we work with merchants to develop the best solution for their businesses.

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High Risk Merchant Account
For Adult Business

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Do you own an offline or online business related to adult services? Do you want to accept card payment processing for your adult business? If yes, then you will need a merchant account for receiving payments via debit/credit cards, sometimes known as an adult business merchant account.

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Many financial institutions would rather shun you than provide you with adult online card processing and that is because your line of business falls into the category of accounts referred to as “high risk”, which therefore makes it very challenging for an adult business to secure a merchant account. Each business type has its merchant account tailored based on its peculiarities. What differentiates merchant account for the adult industry from other types of merchant accounts is based on the risk factor inherent in it. However, if adult companies must take advantage of reaching a wider market and increasing sales, it is necessary that they obtain a merchant account as most consumers chose to pay by card nowadays.

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Since adult merchant accounts are high-risk category accounts, getting approved for an adult merchant account from the bank and other providers is quite difficult as it is hard to ensure that the business is kept away from fraudulent activities. For that reason, adult businesses are left with no option than to acquire a merchant account which can facilitate easy processing of payments with online credit cards – whether domestic or offshore. These days, domestic as well as offshore banks offer adult merchant accounts with some terms and conditions. But we want to ensure that whatever the conditions are, your business does not get denied.

We Tranxact Ltd
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How does We Tranxact
Help Adult Businesses?

We Tranxact specialize in high risk merchant accounts and we are linked to card processors that can obtain an adult merchant account for most adult businesses.

We Tranxact offer adult content merchants with more than one option to choose from and accept online payments by credit card and check processing. This will benefit the merchants who have difficulty getting a merchant account as well as consumers who are not banked.

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Escort Merchant Account

Escort businesses, whether it be online or offline, we do have a solid solution for you. You may have spent many hours completing applications with card processors only to be rejected, over and over. If you’re an online escort business, then you will need an Internet Merchant Account and a payment gateway. This will allow your business to accept online card payments with the added security of not holding onto cash.

Escort services is very lucrative and large amounts of cash can change hands and this is not ideal. If your escort business requires to take card payments face to face then we can provide you with chip & pin machines, which can either be fixed, wifi or gprs enabled. The costs for one of these machines can start from as little as £20 per month.

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