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MOTO / Virtual Terminal Payments

MOTO stands for Mail Order Telephone Orders. These MOTO payments are typically taken whilst the customer is on the phone. You are provided with a secure online portal, which gives you access to the virtual terminal.

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MOTO card Payments

The virtual terminal can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. A virtual terminal is great if you need to take payments over the phone rather than via a website or face to face, which works well for takeaways, salons, remote businesses and call centres.

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MOTO Merchant Account

In order to process MOTO card payments, you will need a MOTO merchant Account, which is different to an internet or ecommerce merchant account and Customer Present (CP) Merchant Account.

MOTO merchant accounts are classed as higher risk than other merchant accounts, simply due to the reason that it’s logged as Customer Not Present (CNP) transaction and it typically does not go through 3D Secure and thus are susceptible to more chargebacks than any other method of processing card payments.

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How do MOTO payments work?

The MOTO merchant account is available from many Merchant Account providers like We Tranxact and the account is linked to a payment gateway. The payment gateways job is to capture the card details via the secure capture page, which will be hosted on secure servers, which will be fully PCI DSS compliant.

The payment gateway is connected to the chosen Merchant Account provider who then authorises the card transaction, which it does by connecting to the customers card issuing bank. The bank’s duty is to carry out the necessary checks on the card to establish if the funds are available or not. If successful or declined, a message is returned. All this is done in real time and a decision is normally made within a few seconds.

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We Tranxact have links into many top card processors who offer MOTO card payments via the virtual terminal. The costs can vary from £0 pcm + card processing fee – £15 pcm + card processing fee.

If you are interested in taking things a step further then IVR Automated Payments can free up your remote workers and staff by allowing customers to enter their personal card details without having to give them over the phone. Learn more here.

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