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Take Card Payments On Your Phone

As more and more people use their mobile phones for business it makes sense to incorporate online payments on the device you use the most. With WeTranxact that process is now easier than ever.

Do you want to take card payments on your mobile phone?

Mobile merchant credit card processing

If you run a business which is always on the go then taking card payments on your mobile phone can make life so much easier with having to get into the office to complete payments.


Chances are your mobile phone is close to hand throughout the day so no more time lost finding your card reader.

Take payments anywhere

Whether you’re in the office or on a customers site you can easily and quickly take payments without delay.

Instant Transactions

All the benefit of credit card payments from your mobile phone. No more waiting to get back into the office.

Do you want to take card payments on the go?

Whether you’re a busy salesperson always travelling or if your customers are always out and about it makes sense to take card payments on your mobile.

Highly convenient and with all the benefits of credit card processing you no longer need a separate card machine to take card payments.

Everything can be done using your existing smartphone from wherever you are. Just contact us today and we’ll get you started in no time at all.

Mobile point of sale (Mpos) allows you to take card payments through your mobile phone giving the convenience and freedom to complete sales wherever you are.

Using a dedicated app on your smartphone you get all the security and speed of using a card reader, without having to carry an extra device around.

With a mobile card payment system you can accept chip and pin and even contactless payments which are so important in today’s business environment.

As the use of card readers has grown in popularity, using your mobile phone to take card payments will surely be the next big development giving business owners the flexibility and freedom to take payments from anywhere.

Mobile card payments are ideal for:




Small business owners




Cash free businesses


Independent shops


Outdoor businesses

Why use We Tranxact for mobile card payment services

Our aim is to offer you a custom solution which fits your needs whilst at the same making the entire process easy and transparent:

Fully compliant and trustworthy partner

Cutting edge technology

Expert advice and solutions

All sizes of business catered for

At We Tranxact we have long-term experience of working with emerging and high-risk accounts, as well as new technology and fintech in particular. By using We Tranxact you will benefit from years of industry knowledge and gain access to our list of payment providers and digital currency specialists.

How to get started with mobile credit card processing

Get in contact with us immediately so we can discuss your setup and your requirements. Call us on 0121 792 5367 or email

Application requirements:

Docs required:

  • Completed application form
  • All director’s/owners/shareholders (>25% share ownership) , photo ID (Passport or driver’s license)
  • Home address utility bill or personal bank statement dated within the last 3 months. (showing all 4 corners of photo ID)
  • Proof of your business banking (void cheque or recent statement)
  • Certificate of incorporation

Mobile card payments

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