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Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

If you want to accept Bitcoin payments on your website then you need a partner who understands the technology and industry. We Tranxact specialise in cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions for small to medium size businesses.

Do you want to accept Bitcoin payments on your store?

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency

With our help you can add Bitcoin as well as many other top cryptocurrencies as a payment method to your store quickly and easily, and allow customers to checkout in a safe and simple way.

A Global Currency

Customers, from anywhere in the world, can pay you in a single currency without the worry of foreign exchange rates.

Reduced Transaction Fees

Bitcoin payments typically carry much lower transaction fees compared to credit or debit card payments.

Peer To Peer Payments

All transactions are between you and your customer only, with no 3rd party involvement or interference.

Safer Payments

Since everything is digitally signed before being added to the Blockchain each Bitcoin transactions fully verified.

No Risk of Inflation

With Bitcoin there is basically no risk of inflation since there is a finite source. This means you can preserve your coins.

Popular Digital Asset

Stand out from your competitors by being able to accept Bitcoin payments and make life easier for your customers.

Accept crypto payments, Increase Revenues

If you want to give your customers the ease of paying by Bitcoin then partnering with We Tranxact will make the process a simple and trouble-free experience. 

With over $4 Billion worth of commercial Bitcoin payments in 2019 there is huge growth potential in this area.

With easy one-click checkout, compatibility with all Bitcoin wallets, and Protection against chargeback – there is no reason why you can’t also start taking cryptocurrency payments today.


Crypto payment processing is a relatively new field but the benefits are huge. By allowing Bitcoin payments on your store you can vastly increase the number of orders from around the world. Customers who desire online, fast, secure transactions are typically drawn to cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin.

At We Tranxact, our cryptocurrency merchant account service gives you a tried and tested framework for accepting digital currency payments with ease. Whatever the technology of your online store, by partnering with us we can help you boost digital currency payments.

With our help you can add Bitcoin as a payment method to your store quickly and easily, and allow customers to checkout in a safe and simple way. At the same time you will safe money due to our flat processing fee, and real-time conversion of crypto to local currencies.

Why use We Tranxact for cryptocurrency merchant account services

Our aim is to offer you a custom solution which fits your needs whilst at the same making the entire process easy and transparent:

Fully compliant and trustworthy partner

Cutting edge technology

Expert advice and solutions

All sizes of business catered for

At We Tranxact we have long-term experience of working with emerging and high-risk accounts, as well as new technology and fintech in particular. By using We Tranxact you will benefit from years of industry knowledge and gain access to our list of payment providers and digital currency specialists.

The biggest brands in the world already accept bitcoin

How to get a Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

Get in contact with us immediately so we can discuss your setup and your requirements. Call us on 0121 792 5367 or email

Application requirements:

Docs required:

  • Completed application form
  • All director’s/owners/shareholders (>25% share ownership) , photo ID (Passport or driver’s license)
  • Home address utility bill or personal bank statement dated within the last 3 months. (showing all 4 corners of photo ID)
  • Proof of your business banking (void cheque or recent statement)
  • Certificate of incorporation

Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

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