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The Merchant Account is a financial agreement between the business and the merchant bank that allows a business to start accepting debit/credit card payments. The merchant account is designed specifically for the handling of credit and debit card transactions and is separate to a business bank account.


PCI Compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard mandated by the card schemes for the protection of cardholders and transaction details. According to payment brand rules, all merchants accepting credit card payments are required to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard in its entirety.


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Could Your Business Do With
Same Day or Next Day Settlement?

Same or Next Day Settlement through one of our partner processors is a great solution for businesses who process the bulk of their transactions in the evening, such as restaurants bars, which is being received extremely well especially for merchant that process large volumes or high value transactions, such as car dealerships.

It’s also beneficial for merchants with heavy weekend sales volume because they will get their deposit on Monday instead of Tuesday. This makes it easier for them to meet business expenses like payroll, purchasing inventory, and more.

You need to keep in mind that not all Same Day or Next Day Settlement programs are created equal. Some processors require that merchants have an account at their designated bank. That’s not the case with our processor because of the proprietary back-end processing platform, so we can help merchants batch out later and get their deposits sooner.

For restaurants, bars, car dealerships and other businesses that need their cash quickly to keep their business running smoothly, Same Day or Next Day Settlement funding is for you.

payment solution provider
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PCI DSS Is Compulsory For Processing Card Payments

PCI Compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard mandated by the card schemes for the protection of cardholders and transaction details.

According to payment brand rules, all merchants accepting credit card payments are required to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard in its entirety.

Our payment gateway is robust and feature rich, and if you are storing account information, we can provide you with custom tokenization solutions that will significantly reduce your PCI compliance liability.

PCI Compliance Fees

More and more merchants are being charged unnecessary Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) fees and fines. These fees can range from being charged a fixed monthly amount from £2.40 to £10. If you’re the unfortunate and you’re not PCI DSS compliant then you could end up paying an extra % on top of your transaction fee or anything up to £100 per month (believe me as I’ve seen this).

What do these fees get you the merchant? Absolutely nothing!

A well known national processing company charges businesses £4.99 per month for PCI compliance fees, but said the merchant would receive up to £50,000 in insurance should there be a PCI breach on their system. Reading the fine print, it required the merchant to complete the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and have a successful network scan completed on their system. A network scan tests your system end to end. Let me explain.

PCI requires all Internet-facing IP addresses to be scanned for vulnerabilities. This includes your server on the internet, if applicable. Let’s say you have a business, that business could be bricks and mortar, an online business where you sell products and services, or a combination of both. From your home, you access the database where your payment processing is made, you want to find out how much money you made on a given day. Since you would be accessing the database from your home and signing in with your credentials, not only does the business or Internet server need to be scanned, so does your home IP address.

Many people think their internet address is 192.168.xxx.xxx. It is not. That is a subnet for your private network for the router you purchased. For any of us to access the internet, we must have a unique IP address.

Another myth many people believe is when they log into a website that it is secure because the password is masked with asterisks. Not true. Your password is passed without encryption, in the clear. Unless there is a secure hypertext transfer protocol (https:) AND the secure socket layer is provided by a reputable company, then your user name and password could be compromised. When you go to your bank’s website or a well know reputable provider like Amazon, you will notice a lock on your browser. Double click the lock and click View Certificate. In Amazon’s case, it uses Verisign. Verisign, Comodo and many others have strong reputations in securing websites.

As you can see, logging in from your home to another location requires security. At your business, your credit card processing software or equipment must be separate from the rest of your network. If you don’t, you stand to have your data compromised. What’s the cost of a compromise? You could receive fines of £25,000 per occurrence. You also can be charged the fees of the banks who issued the compromised consumer debit/credit cards a reissuing fee. Your company’s reputation would also be severely damaged.

What can you do about PCI Compliance Fees?

PCI Compliance fees are on top of what you would pay for network scans, audits and assessments. PCI Compliance fees provide the processor additional revenue, but provide nothing of value in return.

We’ve seen in the past year where large merchants and even merchant processing companies have been hacked. It has been costly to them in monetary losses and reputation.

If you use a dial up terminal You still need to complete SAQ B. But dial up terminals, if they themselves are compliant, should only require the SAQ B.

In conclusion, ALL merchants must be PCI compliant. Merchants incur the fees to become PCI compliant with expenses such as network scans and assessments or audits if they are necessary. Paying your merchant services provider a PCI compliance fee, unless they are adding value in your PCI compliance, is just throwing your money away.

Let us help you find a provider that will help you with your PCI DSS.

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