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Vape and E-cig Merchant Account

The E-cig and vape industry has seen some tremendous growth within the last 8-9 years here in the UK, with industry being worth over $3.5 billion. The great propellers of the market are products like vaporisers (vape), e-juices and so on and its still been considered a delicate market.

Want to take card payments for your E-cig and vape business?

Card Payment For E-Cig and Vape Business

E-cigs and vapes are still classed as “high risk” by the card processors and as a result of this, not many financial institutions want to help the entrepreneurs in this industry to open a merchant account.

The business thrives because many people now opt for the option, either because of the banning of indoor smoking, because of its friendliness to nature but more importantly, its potential health benefits in comparison to traditional cigarette smoking. In the light of the progress of the industry, this high-risk venture is becoming more accommodating for entrepreneurs who would love to trade e-cig products to get a merchant account and to get into taking card payments.

How can You Get Your Small Firm to Take Card Payments?

Before launching, we advise that you get to understand the market and the industry. Nevertheless, if you are here, which we are glad that you are, then it means you are interested in knowing more. E-cig merchant account is not a low-risk account, which is common to some other markets.

The industry is considered ‘high risk’ and hence your business stands more chances with a high risk merchant account provider than you can get with the mainstream merchant banks. Merchant account brokers like We Tranxact are specialists within thie high risk area and we can certainly help with e-cig and vape businesses to help them get their merchant accounts set up.

E-Cig and Vape Merchant Account with We Tranxact

At We Tranxact, we will ensure your business is fully compliant to meet the most recent legislations We can get you the best deal for your business.

We Tranxact have taken it upon ourselves to provide merchant accounts for e-cig and vape businesses, despite the high risks.

We are willing to provide you with all the needed information that would set you up and get you going without a glitch in your e-cig business.

For localized business shops, it is not difficult to get you all set up; it is relatively straightforward. But this isn’t the same for online vape stores and accounts.

Therefore, we will provide you with a merchant account and a gateway for card payment transactions for online payments.

Key details about your account:


Very low processing rates


No monthly charges


Merchant account and payment gateway provided


UK based card processor


Fully PCI Compliant solution


Approvals as quick as 2 hrs!


Fast setup


Next day settlement of funds into your account

Shopify e-cig and vape merchant account

If you’re using the Shopify website builder then you may be aware that Shopify Payments, which is Stripe, do not allow card payments for this business type. Good news, we have a solution that integrates perfectly well into Shopify, so no need to move platform as we can accommodate your business with our Shopify e-cig and vape card processing solution.

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