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CBD Merchant Account and CBD Card Machine

Cannabidiol has been known to offer several health benefits without having any side effect on the consumer. It is believed to address anxiety, depression and severe pain.

There is even an ongoing research about its effectiveness in curing cancer. This has made people very interested in this safe cannabinoid that is a major compound in Marijuana.



What Are The Challenges In
The Cannabidiol Retail Business?

Millennial’s are very entrepreneurial, so the idea of owning a business is becoming more and more appealing. Hence people think of what to trade in. but when the idea of being a CBD Business crosses their minds, the excitement soon fades away because of the challenges involved.

Many financial institutions in Europe see the trading of CBD as a high risk venture. This is not totally their fault, as there are still some doubts to the legality and efficiency of the products; the irregularities in the amount of dosage put in products that contain CBD, and the restrictions by some governments on the amount of research that can be conducted on it and therefore impose strict terms with unfavourable rates and terms along with making it very difficult to source a CBD merchant account and card machine.


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Opening a CBD Merchant Account has its inherent challenges because of the sensitivity of the product in question. Thoughts are many, and so are the legal formalities that come tagged along when an entrepreneur thinks of dealing in a cannabidiol retail business (CBD). But does that mean that you have to forego the idea because there are many if’s and but’s attached, with so many grey areas, definitely not, because we understand the benefits of cannabidiol and how helpful it is in curing anxiety, pain, depression to name just a few of the many benefits that this amazing plant can deliver. To trade in CBD products, you need a CBD Merchant Account and CBD Payment Gateway, and we will help you get this set up. Our team have done our homework and are very pro CBD and passionate about these products and for this reason, we have have been trusted by hundreds of CBD businesses to get you up and running in no time so you can start helping those people that need your products the most.

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How Does We Tranxact Help CBD Businesses?

Our Staff

We understand the benefits of this product and most of us here consume the product ourselves and we all give it the thumbs up. Most of us here are against the big pharmaceuticals and the chemicals they push onto their customers, which we believe are really designed to create repeat business rather than cure any ailment, illness or disease.

Reduce your risk

To be able to sell CBD products, you must be able to secure a high risk merchant account. We Tranxact is here to offer you the best deal and make being a CBD retailer the easiest thing for you. We Tranxact have been dealing with CBD card processing enquiries since 2017 and successfully onboarding hundreds of satisfied CBD businesses.

Done the research

We have spent many hours seeking the very best card processors for CBD and its not been easy as most of them come with so many hoops to jump through as they require vast amounts of paperwork, they’re very expensive, they all have a rolling reserve and much more that would put off many new and existing CBD retail businesses.

Total market review

We now work with a number of CBD merchant account providers that have proven to provide the very best service, terms and rates and this is very important for us as the merchant gets the very best deal so they can go about their business knowing they have the very best from us.


We Tranxact Can Help
Provide You With The Following

CBD machines for CBD business
Our CBD Card machine offering comes with no long term agreement. All you do is rent the machine from just £9.99 per month.
  • No PCI DSS fees
  • Low card processing fees
  • No minimum monthly services
  • No lease contracts
CBD merchant account and payment gateway
Getting a CBD merchant account is not the easiest thing, but we make it possible. We are 100% transparent with the rates and terms and we help you get accounts that come with an understandable CBD card processing rates and quality services.
CBD processing for Shopify
We Tranxact now have a solution for CBD businesses using the Shopify platform. If you are a business using the very popular web site builder Shopify and have struggled to secure a CBD merchant account and payment gateway then we have a great solution for you. please get in touch.

Experts in CBD Card Processing


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