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Take Payments For Your Online Marketplace Merchant Account

All In One Management

Manage all of your sellers and payments from one place.

Quick Setup

Open an Account in minutes and integrate it on your checkout.

Accept Payments

Take payments through multiple channels with over 24 card processing options available.

Fraud Protection Tools

Real-time tracking and ability to detect and block suspicious activity.

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Payments Made Easy

When choosing the right payment processor for your Online Marketplace Merchant account, crowdfunding app or platform, you need a solution that simplifies and secures your payments, leaving you to focus on obtaining more sellers and customers. With our Marketplace technology, you have all the payment tools you need to onboard vendors, receive and process money with ease.

Give your sellers the ability to take payments with ease from their customers, accept online payments and manage it all with our simple Marketplace controls. With more than 24 payment methods available you will ensure your Marketplace provides the full features to its users including card processing, security, account management and reporting.

Get Paid

24 Card Processing Options Available

Allow your sellers to accept 24 payment methods from their customers with ease thanks to our card processing technology. When you use us for your Online Marketplace merchant accounts it gives you ability to make it easy for you and your customers to make successful payments.

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Everything Controlled In
One Place

Our online Marketplace merchant account systems provide you with a range of core features to take your card processing to a new level.

Do it your way

Custom Payment Flows

Build your own custom payment flows or choose one of our standard payment flows, for ease and quicker development.

Up to date

Get the latest Reports

Receive a comprehensive view of your payment flow across channels and borders.

Built In Security

Fraud Protection Tools

Keep your Marketplace or Platform safe by using our fraud protection tools. We give you the ability to detect and block fraudulent and suspicious activity quickly.

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