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Automated Secure Payments

Automated Response

Customers can pay securely using an automated system via their phone.

Protect Data

As more employees work remotely IVR gives control to the customer.

Gain Confidence

Customers input their own details reducing risk of fraud.

Process More

Everything is automated so no need to rely on staff doing it manually.

More Advantages

Why Use IVR?

Security plays a key part in any organisation and our systems are fully PCI-DSS compliant. This means that all sensitive data, such as debit or credit card details, are handled in the safest and securest way possible, kept away from business systems, call centre agents and remote workers. This will give your customers extra confidence in using your services again and again.

A huge benefit of having an Automated Payment IVR, is that your agents aren’t processing payments manually, drastically speeding up the process. Transactions can be taken 24/7 using your new IVR system, and customers aren’t expected to wait for free agents or extended calls. More transactions means more sales and more business for you.

The Merchant Account is a financial agreement between the business and the merchant bank that allows a business to start accepting debit/credit card payments. The merchant account is designed specifically for the handling of credit and debit card transactions and is separate to a business bank account.


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