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If you are struggling with getting accepted for card payment processing due to being in a "high risk" industry we can guide you every step of the way. We get fast decisions from a large range of providers ensuring your get the right option for your business.


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More than 60 providers globally

We have links to more than 60 card processing providers around the world. If you are rejected by one we should be able to find you someone who will accept you!

Different industries supported

We work with clients from a range of high risk industries including CBD, debt collection, Pharma, Vaping and many more. Get in touch for more.

Case by Case review

We take each application on its individual merits. So whatever your case is we can provide a thorough review of your own circumstances.

Dedicated Team

Our experts will help you find a solution which will help you from start to finish including the payment provider, website integration and much more.

Does your business fall in the category of High-Risk, and is it that you haven’t been able to get a high-risk merchant account because of the complexities of your business? Don’t worry, get in touch with us because we swim against the tide and aim at bringing in the benefits of easy payments through digitalization for our clients. If finding high-risk merchant account providers has turned out to be a nightmare, does it mean that you will lose hope and change your mindset? Contact us and we will help you with what you want as you will discover very quickly how knowledgeable and experienced we are as we understand the challenges for businesses that have been labelled as “High Risk”. From lotteries to gaming, pharma, CBD, vaping etc., numerous high-risk businesses are setting up everywhere. Through us, you can get a high-risk merchant account for easy credit card transactions. Let the game begin by partnering with us.

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Are You a High Risk Business
Needing a High Risk Merchant Account?

Most businesses should aim to have a merchant account, so they have the facility to accept debit/credit card payments for the products and services they offer, so they can grow in volume, profitability and reputation.

However, many business owners have discovered that, because their business type is considered “High Risk”, they do not qualify for traditional merchant account services via the mainstream merchant account providers.

Business owners can spend many tireless hours scoping the web for a merchant account provider after they have been told that they cannot be helped because they have labelled your business as “High Risk”, because your business type is too risky, simply down to the location of your business, products or services that you’re offering or chargeback rate is too high.

More importantly, we go that extra mile as we see each application as a challenge and we have built that mentally to never give up as this would be a failure on our part. Business owners rely on us to help their business as most of them have come to a dead end and losing hope and we aim to build up that hope as we understand that without our help they may not have a business at all.

If you’ve been turned away or declined, or shut down by your current provider for reasons that you are aware of or your previous provider just closed you down without any notice and explanation and you’ve been left asking yourself “why?” and deeply frustrated then we could possibly help as we deal with these cases on a daily basis.

High Risk merchant account providers work in a similar way to the standard mainstream merchant account providers as they work through applications on a case by case basis unlike PayPal and Stripe. Although a PayPal and Stripe card processing account can be setup within hours, the application process is not very thorough, which is great if your a business that needs to accept card payments as quickly as possible but if you’re selling products that are deemed as “High Risk” it could be a problem.

You could find yourself in a position where these providers have given you 14 days notice or worse case scenario, they’ve shut you down immediately without any reason and still holding onto your hard earned money, and this money could be held for up to 6 months and in some cases, years! This of course, could be highly detrimental to your business.

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What Is a High Risk Merchant Account?

High Risk Merchant Accounts are accounts that are set up by specialist financial institutions to provide credit card processing services to those business types that fall under certain high risk business categories.

Below are some examples of the businesses that would typically require a high risk merchant account in order to process credit card transactions. The perception of ‘high-risk’ can vary from one bank to another.

We Have A Very High Success Rate With High Risk Businesses


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