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Chip and Pin

Chip and Pin machines are broadband ready terminals providing a fast, secure way to take card payments. Terminals can be fixed, bluetooth or wi-fi enabled depending on the needs of your business.

At We Tranxact we have extensive knowledge on the latest chip and pin machines and can advise you on the most suitable one for your business.

We Tranxact have access to all the main manufacturers of chip and pin machines – Ingenico, Verifone, Spire and Optomany.

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No Contract Chip and Pin Options from only £1.99 per week

At We Tranxact we want to do things different to all our competitors.

Are you a new start up or a well established business who simply doesn’t want to commit to a lengthy 4-5 year lease contract.

We Tranxact are offering its customers the option to take our Spire machines on a no contract basis, so leave whenever you want. Fixed, Wifi and GPRS enabled chip and pin machines from only £1.99 per week.

‘Broadband Ready’ Chip and Pin…

Face to face card payments for the SME market in the UK are still predominantly being processed using a telephone line. This method is slow, typically taking around 10-30 seconds to process a payment, cost prohibitive, doesn’t allow you to take phone payments unless you take out a separate line and its rapidly becoming out of date.

Broadband is now in over 90% of UK businesses, which means its now faster and cheaper to process all your card payments.

We Tranxact can offer the full range of chip and pin hardware.

Countertop Machine

Automatically installs onto almost all main brand routers or into your business LAN/WAN network. Automatic network detection means you are up and running in seconds.


  • Fixed line chip and pin mchines are perfect for shops
  • Fast, easy and reliable to operate
  • Telephone or broadband line connection
  • Full UK based support for the life of machine
  • Connects to all major Merchant Banks
  • Safe and secure card reading

Bluetooth Machine

Bluetooth over IP device enables multiple portable devices to speak via Bluetooth to the base unit and then communicate with the bank using the broadband connection.


  • Ideal for restaurants, bars and cafés
  • Pay-at-table functionality
  • Gratuity Optional
  • Fast and reliable to operate
  • Full UK based support
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 100 meter range from base unit
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Safe and secure card reading

Wi-Fi Machine

Wi-Fi Chip and Pin machines enable contactless payment as the standard way to pay. This is an innovative way of accepting payments that not only provides convenience to the customer but also the business owner. Having a Wi-Fi chip and pin machine provides staff and customers with a quick and convenient way to pay for multiple benefits, as detailed below:


  • There is no need for using cables or such hardware additions as the machines connect directly to a wireless router.
  • Works on Wi-Fi connectivity which is easy to set-up. The machine is fast and reliable to operate upon.
  • These machines can be conveniently put anywhere in the premise as long as they are in the range of Wi-Fi signal.
  • Customers can conveniently and quickly pay right at the table.
  • Such card terminals are greatly ideal for food industry, like for restaurants, bars and cafés, when the staff is busy managing orders and customers can pay easily by their own.

Mobile / GPRS machine

Our mobile chip and pin machine will enable your business to accept card payments anywhere within the UK and abroad. With a mobile chip and pin machine, businesses that have no fixed trading address or are a mobile business, can accept mobile card payments from their customers. Mobile chip and pin machines are ideal if your business needs to accept cards on the move.


  • Unique GPRS & GSM mobile connectivity
  • Roaming, O2, Vodafone & EE SIMs included
  • Full UK based support as standard
  • Works anywhere in the UK and abroad
  • Fast and reliable to operate
  • Contactless including Apple Pay as standard
  • Latest in secure technology
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

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