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Automated Secure Payments

With more of us working remotely and from home taking payments over the phone carries a greater risk from fraud. Automated secure payment lines can help you mitigate this risk no matter where your agents work from.

Do you want to take payments securely from home or remotely?

What is IVR?

IVR or interactive voice response allows your customers to interact with your system using their voice or keypads on their phone. The most common example which you may already have come across is voice activated menus when you call a company.

At WeTranxact we understand that as more employees work remotely and from home the security and safety of your customers data is more vital than ever. Most important of all is protecting customers’ bank details and credit card details when taking payments over the phone.

Our IVR payment technology is designed to give you extra peace of mind and give your customers added confidence in your business.

The secure way of remotely taking payments over the phone

Using the latest automated technology you can give your customers a trouble-free, secure payment experience and also free up your own agents from having to take payments themselves.

At WeTranaxct we can guide you through the whole process from choosing the right system for your needs to implementing it without any hassle.

By giving your customers the added protection of automated IVR payments you will not only improve confidence in your service, but also process more transactions in less time.

Why use IVR Payments

If you are thinking of taking automated payments over the phone then there are some considerable advantages you will benefit from.


If security is a key factor for you – it should be – then our systems are fully PCI compliant meaning all sensitive data such as card numbers is handled securely and safely away from call centre agents or remote workers. This will give your customers extra confidence in using your services again and again.

Process More Transactions

The benefit of having an automated system means transactions don’t have to be input manually. You can more process transactions through your new IVR system without customers having to wait for free agents or extended calls. More transactions means more sales and more business for you.

Give Your Customers Control

Customers will appreciate being able to enter their personal card details into an automated computer system which won’t snoop or copy their information. As more people do business online it’s vital you give customers the ability to input their own information without sharing it with another person.

Free Your Agents

By giving the responsibility of credit card information to your customers you will be able to free up your agents from having to do this themselves. No more lengthy calls and slow credit card transactions, everything is taken care of via the automated system so your staff can work on other things.

Why use We Tranxact for IVR payment services

Our aim is to offer you a custom solution which fits your needs whilst at the same making the entire process easy and transparent:

Fully compliant and trustworthy partner

Cutting edge technology

Expert advice and solutions

All sizes of business catered for

At We Tranxact we have long-term experience of working with emerging and high-risk accounts, as well as new technology and fintech in particular. By using We Tranxact you will benefit from years of industry knowledge and gain access to our list of payment providers and digital currency specialists.

How to get your IVR automated payments set up

Get in contact with us immediately so we can discuss your setup and your requirements. Call us on 0121 792 5367 or email

Application requirements:

Docs required:

  • Completed application form
  • All director’s/owners/shareholders (>25% share ownership) , photo ID (Passport or driver’s license)
  • Home address utility bill or personal bank statement dated within the last 3 months. (showing all 4 corners of photo ID)
  • Proof of your business banking (void cheque or recent statement)
  • Certificate of incorporation

IVR Payments

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