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We Tranxact Ltd has established links with all the UK’s mainstream merchant acquiring banks and as many as 60 offshore acquirers to make certain that we will provide the right merchant account for your business.

With so many years experience and knowledge within the payments industry and having dealt with businesses of all sizes, ranging from companies turning £100’s of millions to the small corner shop, this has allowed us to secure great contacts from within these banks and processors and thus we have access to the very best card processing rates.

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Rates As Low As 0.15%

Save money by shopping around and let us find you the cheapest online merchant accounts.

All Businesses Covered

From small, local companies to large organisations we can help any size company.

Global Coverage

We have providers from around the world meaning more choice and better international options.

A business without a merchant account is difficult to imagine because a merchant account is the link between the bank and the business which allows you to begin accepting credit/debit card payments. Without a merchant account you cannot offer flexibility in the business transactions and you might be at the risk of losing potential customers, especially as we move closer towards a cashless society. Offering security in the transactions and ensuring that there are no hidden charges is our maxim and we swear by every word of what we commit so that our customers are benefitted from the deal.

Merchant Account providers like We Tranxact, who have been trusted by thousands of merchants over the years have great experience and success in sourcing the right solution for your businesses needs. There are many Merchant Account Providers out there to choose from but if you’re looking for Merchant Account Providers that have a team with massive experience within card payments then please contact us.

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All About Merchant Accounts

The Merchant Account is a financial agreement between the business and the merchant bank that allows a business to start accepting debit/credit card payments. The merchant account is designed specifically for the handling of credit and debit card transactions and is separate to a business bank account.

It is the responsibility of the merchant bank account for processing card payments and manages the relevant fees/charges linked with credit and debit cards transactions.

Customers money you take from all card transactions is held in the merchant account before eventually being transferred on to your business bank account.

The merchant accounts play an important role in the card payment process as it verifies the customers card details to make sure they are correct and there is enough money in their account to make payment.

High Risk Merchant Accounts are accounts that are set up by specialist financial institutions to provide credit card processing services to those industries that fall under certain high risk business categories.

You need a merchant account if you are looking to take online payments in any way whether through your website or app. We can help you find the right provider from our extensive list of partners from high street banks to handpicked, cutting edge fintech companies from around the world. Call us for the latest list.

1. First thing to do is open a business bank account before you open a merchant account as this is where your customers money will be settled.

2. Shop around to get the very best deal for your business. High Risk businesses may struggle to get a business bank account from a mainstream high street bank. Sole trader businesses do not have to have a business bank account but certain merchant banks will require sole traders to do so but majority will not and will settle with a personal account. Business bank accounts can be setup as quickly as 10-15 minutes.

3. Contact us at We Tranxact to discuss your requirements and start the application.

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Merchant Account Services
From We Tranxact

Whole of market solution
Unlike most other merchant account providers, We Tranxact Ltd offers a ‘whole of market’ solution to its customers, which means that we have access into every merchant acquiring bank in the UK and this will save yourself a great deal of time and hassle. You wont need to enquire with every merchant account provider that you can find on Google and you wont have to meet with countless people, discussing your merchant rates, your card turnover etc again and again as we do all the dirty work on your behalf.
Flexible contracts
Here at We Tranxact Ltd, we have the option to offer our customers anything from no term contracts, 12 months and anything up to 4 year term contracts. We want to offer our customers what is most suitable for their business needs as there is nothing worse than being tied into a lengthy four or five year contract and not happy with the provider.
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Your Very Own
We Tranxact Consultant

Your We Tranxact Ltd consultant will be able to inform you about ways you can reduce your monthly payments – for example, providing information about providers who offer card processing rates that are suited to your business’s average transaction value, advise on any hidden fees, PCI fees and charges, minimum monthly service charges, authorisation fees and so on.

We can also help with your business’s cash flow by offering to settle your customer’s money into your business bank account as quickly as same day as transaction.

Another benefit of using our consultants is that we have a great understanding of different business types and which merchant account provider is most likely to take you on, as businesses will vary from one another and therefore so does the risk. This means you are less likely to be rejected for a merchant account.

We Can Help You Find The Right Merchant Account For You