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CBD Merchant Account

Looking to set up a CBD merchant account?

You could benefit from the help from We Tranxact. This is because we have a highly experienced team that can guarantee you are able to set-up and own your own merchant account for your CBD business. That being said, due to the nature of the business, these merchant accounts are considered high-risk, though we have the expertise to assist. You can begin the process today by simply getting in touch with our team when you have the chance.

What is a merchant account?

In order to efficiently accept debit and card payments, it’s advised that businesses set-up a merchant account. This is because they designed to specifically handle card transactions separately to the business bank account so that all of the relevant fees and charges are linked with the correct payment processes. Whatmore, the account will also play an important role in verifying the customer’s card details to ensure that they withhold enough money within their account.

Despite cannabidiol being completely non-psychological, CBD merchant accounts are considered high-risk, which means trying to obtain an account can often be a struggle. Due to our long-time work with the Cannabis Trades Association, we have obtained a wealth of knowledge about CBD, enabling us to assist their members as well as our very own clients. In order to obtain the account, we have a wealth of connections within the payments industry, which has enabled us to contact reliable merchant banks that will accommodate CBD merchant accounts.

That being said, in order to set up your CBD merchant account, we will need to gain a better understanding of your individual business. Our team will confer with the business to find out about their day to day operation, products & services, turnover and details on the transaction values. We can then research and identify the most suitable merchant providers available, ensuring that you are fully aware of the work we are carrying out, the rates and necessary terms.

Services on offer for CBD Business:

  • CBD MOTO Account : Take payments over the phone
  • CBD Merchant Account: The financial card processing agreement the merchant bank and your business
  • CBD payment Gateway: The software responsible for capturing your customers card details and processing them securely
  • CBD Subscription Payments: Set monthly recurring payments for guaranteed monthly income from your customers
  • CBD Marketplace: Setup a CBD marketplace for cbd retailers

To obtain help regarding your very own CBD merchant account, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at We Tranxact today. By calling us on 0121 792 5357, you will be able to discuss with one of our experts about your own business, where we can recommend the most suitable options possible. Alternatively, we are also available via email at, where you can expect a reply within a single working day.