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Credit Card Terminals: Understanding the Types and Tips for the Right Selection

Are you planning to start your business soon? Not sure which credit card terminal you should choose for optimal business growth? We can relate to your thoughts. We’re rapidly transitioning to a digital-first economy where cashless payments are the new normal. Any business that lacks in this domain suffers in terms of profitability and growth. If you cannot decide on the best card terminal for your company, we can help you. This read will provide a thorough context about the different terminal types. It will also give you tips on making the right choice.

Types of Credit Card Terminals

Modern credit card terminals can be divided into five types. Knowing the differences among each is crucial before consulting card terminal providers in the UK:

Countertop Card Terminals

A countertop terminal is one of the most popular devices recommended by card terminal providers in the UK. It is a stationary device used by retail businesses (typically) at the cash counters. They require phone lines, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet to operate.

Mobile Card Terminals

Mobile card terminals or readers are payment devices that connect to handy devices like smartphones and tablets. They are ideal for on-the-move businesses like food trucks. Mobile readers facilitate seamless transactions anywhere with an internet source.

Wireless Payment Terminals

Wireless payment terminals overlap mobile readers in certain features. The main difference is that wireless terminals do not require a mobile device to operate. All you need is a wireless network connection or Bluetooth to use them.

Virtual Car Terminals

Virtual terminals are widely popular in modern-day business transactions. They are typically used in scenarios where credit or debit cards are absent. You may use them to receive customer payments for online orders.

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Integrated Payment Terminals

Integrated payment terminals connect with POS systems as all-in-one payment processing and inventory management solutions.

How to Choose the Right Card Terminal for Your Business

Define Your Needs

The first step to choosing the right payment terminal is to define your business needs. Analysing factors like checkout procedures, payment methods, and processing capabilities can help you determine your needs effectively.

Compare Terminal Fees

Since payment processors offer card terminals, you may compare their pricing structures to determine the best option for your business. Focus on the companies with long-term, cost-effective subscription plans to ensure financial stability.

Consult Experts

Talking to payment processing experts can help narrow your terminal options based on your business goals. They can highlight the pros and cons of each for an informed choice.

Check Reviews

Before choosing a particular terminal, take time to check customer reviews. They can help you analyse a terminal’s efficiency and scalability for long-term use.

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The above information can help you assess the types of card terminals and the crucial tips for choosing the best option. We Tranxact is a highly trusted card terminal provider with thousands of satisfied clients. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.