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PUMA and Tencent Forge Join Forces for an Innovative Collaboration

PUMA and Tencent Forge Partnership for Innovative E-Commerce Business Model

SHENZHEN, China – Global sportswear brand PUMA has officially entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Tencent, focusing on the 2024 GGP (GMV Growth Plan). The partners aim to leverage their strengths to boost business. Shirley Li, General Manager of PUMA China, Fan Yijin, General Manager of Tencent Ad Sales and Operations, and Wang Mo, General Manager of Tencent Smart Retail Vertical Industry Ecology, attended the signing ceremony.

PUMA is teaming up with Tencent to develop a new model that enhances the quality and efficiency of customer services. This model is based on digitalization, Tencent’s resources in social media, and cutting-edge technology. It aims to strengthen the emotional connection between the brand and consumers through consistent online and offline experiences.

Shirley Li stated that PUMA has consistently introduced innovative products, improved its services, and aims to inspire consumers with the magic of sports. The partnership with Tencent demonstrates PUMA’s strategic foresight. Tencent’s comprehensive system reaches consumers in almost every aspect of life. This allows PUMA to gain more insights into consumer needs and better reach sports enthusiasts and the younger generation, thereby driving long-term market growth in China.

Throughout the collaboration, PUMA will benefit from Tencent’s diverse online traffic resources and widespread social media system. This will deepen relationships with consumers through a social infrastructure. A matrix for social media will be developed, seamlessly connecting online and offline worlds to strengthen the brand in the long run.

Fan Yijin mentioned that channels such as Moments, WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Channels, and WeChat Pay will be utilized. Through these channels, Tencent will engage intensively with users through high-quality content, live streaming, brand interactions, and personalized services. WeChat Mini Programs will serve as official brand websites to successfully manage online access from the private sector. Thanks to the partnership with PUMA, Tencent will be able to integrate internal resources and meet PUMA’s requirements for digital operations, making growth more predictable.

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2024 is an important year for numerous major sports events, and the entire nation is in an enthusiastic mood. PUMA and Tencent will jointly develop more efficient and intelligent solutions to enhance efficiency in both the private and public sectors. With digitalization and innovation in the sportswear industry, a win-win situation is created, and digital intelligence reaches a higher level.

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