Best independent payments consultancy

Best Independent Payments Consultancy 2017

We Tranxact Ltd takes home the prize!

After recently being nominated for the SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2017, we are astounded and honored at the fact that we have taken the crown for Best Independent Payments Consultancy 2017

We Tranxact Ltd officially started trading earlier this year offering a consultancy and brokerage service to businesses of all sizes that wish to or already accept card payments, whether it be an online business or brick’s and mortar, we can help you.

Support Local Business

If there is two main things that I know about local businesses, they all want to save money and help other local businesses

We are massively passionate about supporting other local businesses as this helps the local community grow and thrive as most of that money stays locally. We’re not a large business, far from it actually, what we do is take the time to understand the business owners business and get to know them personally and build a connection you would not otherwise have. Along with the rest of the community, you celebrate when a favorite local business succeeds and you mourn when it’s forced to shut its doors. This personal investment isn’t quite as present when a chain business closes, aside from feeling disappointment that you have fewer businesses within convenient driving distance.

If you’ve ever dealt with a large or corporate sized business, you know getting help can be a challenge. You’ll call a free phone number, only to be transferred multiple times and put on hold. When you eventually get to speak to a customer service rep, that person is so far removed from the decision-making process and there’s little concern from them and from that company from losing you as a customer. However, when you shop locally, the business owner is usually directly connected to every employee. That leads to a personal approach that often means any problem you have is taken seriously.

Buying local has benefits beyond mere convenience. When you support local business owners, you get a better level of service, as well as helping make your community a better place to live.

Carry on doing what we’re doing

We’ve done a good job so far and the key is to never slack, continue to put in no less than 100% each and every day to achieve what we originally set out to achieve when we first started the business.

Many start up businesses fail within the first 12 months, the key is to always remember why you got into business in the first place, you then work harder than anyone else you know, stay focused at all times, its not all about receiving, but focus on giving, believe in yourself and your business, always keep on educating yourself, its ok to worry, its ok to have a bad day as you need this to evolve, thrive in uncomfortable positions. There will be many up’s and down’s but never give up!

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